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Even back before Jenna even recorded for DDAO, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Tina leading a number at a competition. Granted, she kind of did that for ABC and she rocked the shit out of it, but in my mind, I had something a lot more elaborate and dark in mind than, well, the Jackson 5. Cosmic Love is one of Florence’s darker, more epic numbers and I just love the hell out of the booming drums and the thundering chorus behind her. The song spans well over two octaves and I could imagine Tina on stage by herself, her voice powerful, but contained, like a tempest over the atmospheric sound of the background. A Florence-esque outfit is not out of question either. Sectionals 2012, anyone?

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Anyone who’s a Tina fan knows that Jenna Ushkowitz is a criminally underused singer on Glee, so I went ahead and did a statistical analysis of the actual singing she’s done on the show. Based off my own knowledge and Glee Wiki, which is a surprisingly good resource at keeping track of these things, I tracked down each of the times Jenna has sung for the show. Using my own criteria for solos, duets, group leads, group solos, harmonies, and everything in between, I calculated a rough estimate for Jenna’s singing time on the show. My criteria and results are as below.

AC’s Criteria for Glee Song Time

- All songs that were either featured on a released episode or released album were counted. Therefore, songs that were unreleased, but featured in an episode (I Kissed A Girl or Tonight) were counted, as well as songs that were not featured in an episode, but released in an album (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen or her part on Summer Nights).

- Any backing vocals that Jenna actually recorded were also counted towards her totals. Her ad libs on Hate On Me and Lean On Me contribute toward her season’s totals, as well as her harmonies for Lea and Amber on Get It Right and Hell to the No respectively.

- With the exceptions of solos and duets, which were obviously characterized, points were assigned roughly correlate to how much singing Jenna did in the context of the song and in comparison to the other singers on the song. The big distinction is between group leads and group solos. For example, more points were allocated to the group leads ABC or Proud Mary, where Jenna was clearly sang just as much, if not more than the other singers on the same song. Fewer points were given to songs like Express Yourself or Marry You, where Jenna may have only gotten a line or two. If a song generally featured Jenna as one of three or four equally featured singers and/or she lead the chorus, it was a group lead. If she only sang two or three lines, it was a group solo.

- Fewer points were allocated to songs where Jenna only did harmonies, recorded backing vocals, or unreleased solos.

Point Allocation

Solo = 10 pts

Duet = 8 pts

Group lead = 6 pts

Group solo = 3 pts

Harmony = 2 pts

Backing vocals (recorded) = 1 pt

Unreleased solo = 1 pt


Results and Discussion

- Jenna sings significantly more in Seasons 2 and 3 than in Season 1, as indicated in her subtotals (36 compared to 83 and 77, respectively). Although her number of solos remains constant throughout each season (n = 1), she starts to rack up noticeably more duets and group leads in the second and third season. In large part because of her four recordings for Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, three of which were not featured in "A Very Glee Christmas", as well as the fact season 3 is not presently finished, her subtotal is larger for the second season than the third. However, if one were to discount songs where Jenna’s parts were not featured, the subtotals indicate a rising trend, with Jenna being featured on more and more songs per season.

- By virtue of the fact she’s only had four proper duets, Jenna’s most frequent duet partner is Harry. Jenna is most frequently featured on songs with Amber, although she sings on multiple songs with Naya, Lea, and Chris as well.

- Jenna has sung in harmony with virtually every member of the original glee club - Lea (Flashdance), Cory (Pure Imagination), Amber (Dog Days Are Over), Chris (Pure Imagination), Kevin (To Sir With Love), Naya (Shake It Out),  Harry (L-O-V-E), Mark (Do They Know It’s Christmas), and Dianna (The Edge of Glory). If she were to sing with Heather and Chord, she’d have the full set.

- Although her number of group solos stays roughly constantly per season, her number of group leads markedly increased for the second and third seasons, with an increasing trend as the seasons pass by.

- It’s not always apparent when Jenna is singing. Careful listeners may have picked up Jenna leading the choruses to Christmas songs (Do They Know It’s Christmas? and The Most Wonderful Day of the Year) or singing a line here or there (My Life Would Suck Without You and Toxic). 

- Jenna is ostensibly featured on more songs from the Graduation Album, as well as rumored to sing more for the season finale, but until those are confirmed, I left them out of the list. She was also listed as having a short solo in Push It, which I’m still unconvinced is actually her and not Lea. If anyone can confirm that the line listed in Glee Wiki is actually her, I can correct my numbers.

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you keep me steady

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I just realized Tina and Mike have been together for more than a year now. 


So here. Have a McTina Cohen-Chang Chang appreciation post. :)

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“You don’t talk that much, you hardly ever sing, but when I see you do that, it’s who you are. It’s what makes me feel you. Mike, you gotta know by now, when I see you dance…it’s why I fell in love with you.”

This is just the part with Tina, but I didn’t see this on my dash yet and it needed to be there. It’s such a beautiful moment and to know that this is something Mike knows so strongly that Tina can come into his mind and tell him this and it over powers the fear of his father, that’s powerful. Do you guys realize how big of a moment this is? It doesn’t matter that she wasn’t actually there, in fact I think the fact that she wasn’t there makes this moment even more meaningful, because she didn’t have to be there. She’s always there, she is always with him. Her belief in him is so strong that he carries it with him and it comes to him when he needs it most. He hears his father’s words in his mind telling him that dancing is foolish, something to do at weddings, not make a career out of, and then Tina comes to him and tells him it’s who he is, it’s when she sees the real him, that’s how she fell in love with him, and for him to follow her words instead of his fathers, for her to make that strong of an impact on him in the last little over a year, vs his father’s affect in the last 18 or so, that’s a big deal.

everything is asian fusion and nothing hurts.

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I know it’s hard to take your eyes off brittany, but did you guys see Tina work that dance routine like a boss????

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