2nd February 2012 21:31
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Things I have noticed about Tina & Mike duets

ABC A B C is easy, it’s like counting down to three / Sing a simple melody, that’s how easy love can be!

L.O.V.E.And love is all that I can give to you / Love is more than just a game for two / Two in love can make it / Take my heart and please don’t break it / Love was made for me and you!

Marry YouIt’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do / Hey baby, I think I want to marry you!

Sing! - a duet sung by a married couple completing each others’ sentences

I confess, even though this storyline resolved almost as quickly and easily as the others, it was still rewarding to watch because of the execution. It was lovely to see Tina stand up and fight for Mike’s happiness, and even lovelier to see her refuse to back down when he opposed. How great was the “I’m disappointed in you/Well that makes two of us” exchange? Tina Cohen-Chang, bless your beating heart, you’re the beacon of hope for strong ladies on this show! She even went straight to Mike’s dad - who, let’s face it, is a formidable man - and spoke her mind! Remind me again why this character doesn’t get any screentime?

But even that changed tonight, with Tina getting a fair part of Mike’s storyline, as well as a good chunk of a solo in “ABC.” Mike got to share the lead as well, with his father in the audience to witness his talent so that he could believe in his son. The conflict in this storyline was interesting, in that it doubled over between Mike and Tina as well as Mike and his dad, and while it may have been an easy fix to have Mike’s dad change his mind simply by seeing his son happy, it’s a touching construct that’s difficult to knock. That resolution was by far the least worrisome of the easy wrap-ups.

- Dr. She Bloggo’s Review of “Hold On To Sixteen”.

In other news, Tina Cohen-Chang is still better than you.

11th December 2011 10:45
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NEGL, the thought still crosses my mind

One of these days, I’ll finally get around to writing my gothic!Mike/cheerio!Tina AU that I’ve been meaning to write all this time, in which Mike has an obsession with emo-rock, introspective poetry, and guyliner, Tina is lead ballerina of the McKinley Ballet Company, a Cheerio, and straight-A student with her eye on Harvard Law School, and the New Directions, headed up by Spanish teacher Shelby Corcoran and her star pupil/daughter Rachel Corcoran, is the start of something new.

10th December 2011 13:12
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otp tags

otp: that’s how easy love can be

otp: asian fusion

otp: i love you so much

otp: trust me, you’re gonna be great

otp: asian kiss? asian kiss.

otp: did we win?

otp: overcome with love

otp: the rumor about asian men? not true.

otp: no regrets.

I could just keep going and going and going…

Glee and Asian American Identity

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26th November 2011 8:56
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Today is a good day to be a Tike shipper.

ABC on repeat forever.

LQ, full cut of “One of Us”. Still one of my favorite group numbers. Jenna looks fucking gorgeous, especially at the end. Why did they have to cut that?

(Bonus Kurt/Quinn duet, Tike moments, and lots of extra Tina).

18th November 2011 23:41
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Sometimes I get sad at people raging at each other over absurd fanon things…

And then I remember canon things that make me happy.

Tina: “Trust me, you’re going to be great.” (2x04: Duets)

Tina & Mike: “It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do / Hey baby, I think I want to marry you." (2x08: Furt) 

Tina: “I’m so in love I may just start crying.” (2x12: Silly Love Songs)

Tina: “I’m so overcome with love! I love you, Mike Chang!” (2x12: Silly Love Songs)

Mike: “I love you so much right now.” (2x18: Born This Way)

Tina: “I want to talk about the rumor about Asian men. Not true.” (2x19: Rumors)

Quinn: “[Rachel] has it, Tina has it… even Zizes hooks up.” (2x22: New York)

Brittany: “I know I’ll be a bridesmaid at Tina and Mike’s wedding. And, like everyone else, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see if their babies are Asian too.”

Tina: “You don’t talk that much, you hardly ever sing, but when I see you do that, it’s who you are. It’s what makes me feel you. Mike, you gotta know by now, when I see you dance…it’s why I fell in love with you.” (3x03: Asian F)

Tina: “Losing my virginity was a great experience for me. Because I was with someone I love. It happened in summer. Mike and I had talked about it for a while, because we knew that the first time was gonna be something we wanna remember forever. And when that moment came, we just knew. It was right, it wasn’t rushed… It was amazing. He’s my first love, and I’ll always look back at that moment as absolutely perfect. No regrets.” (3x05: The First Time)


And that ‘s not even including nonverbal moments, like the kiss during I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, Mike’s concern when Tina gets tackled in the football game, their dancing at the end of Audition, and so many other moments I can barely keep track of them. 

Moral of the story? Asian Fusion is love.

In the spirit of democracy and fairness

The queen and I have decided to run a poll for the Tike shipper kingdom’s official motto. Here are your choices:

A) “No regrets (just love).”

B) “Asian Fusion is love.”

and my personal favorite

C) “Tina tops everyone.”

D) Write-in response.

Please kindly reblog with your option of choice and/or any other suggestions. And new shippers, welcome aboard. :)